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What is RailsTV?

RailsTV is a new program at PHS that is designed to not only give students an opportunity to learn about and experiment with the tools and resources associated with TV and Music production, but also enables our students to be showcased in a way that is unique from other schools while they are representing the Rails on the fields, courts, and stages throughout the year.


It is the goal of the RaisTV crew to provide free live events and events that are archived and on-demand for families and friends to be able to watch from around the globe.  The RailsTV crew will make every effort to broadcast and make available all sporting events, fine arts events, and special events that happen during the year.  Availability of students and on air talent will dictate the number of events that will be broadcast.  A schedule of which events will be broadcast during each season (Fall, Winter, Spring) will be on this site and sent out prior to the start of that season.  Events may be added as more resources and people become available to assist with the production.


If you would like to be involved in the production of RailsTV events as a producer, director, camera person, commentator, etc. please contact a member of the crew for details on how to get started.   

RailsTV Crew:

Coordinator / Executive Producer - Ted Kiefat ( - 218-628-4926 ext. 1067

Asst. Coordinator - Tim Rohweder ( - 218-628-4926 ext. 1004

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